Know Overseas, Our Mission & Vision and Areas of Impact

About Us Overseas

We connect employers and job-seekers across borders through the power of Video. We go beyond traditional resumes and cover letters and utilize authentic videos to establish the credentials of the blue and grey-collar workers to prospective employers.

Our Mission

Changing the functioning of blue and grey-collar recruitment across the border by leveraging the power of video. We expect capable, skilled and ambitious workers to get due benefits by demonstrating their skills and talents.

Our Vission

To become a well-renowned platform connecting overseas employers and employees in the blue and grey-collar sectors, transforming the global recruitment process. We envision a future where Overseas employers can easily identify and connect with the best talents across borders.

Areas of Impact

Interestingly, most informal sector workers spent their time surfing videos on different social media (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram etc), an activity that may not be socioeconomically productive for the individual or the population. We envisage that a major part of their spare time can be used in observing and creating these work videos which will make them engaged with this platform and help them cross-learning. Our platform will provide an alternative work + entertainment opportunity where the users can use their time productively

The target group is mostly unconnected as they are not users of professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. A platform like LinkedIn is primarily meant for whitecollar/ educated workers. The proposed video-based cross-learning platform will allow individuals with a similar skill set to be connected, learn from each other, and employers to hire individuals.

Skilled workers with low education have limited opportunities for temporary migration. For example, India/Bangladesh/the Philippines supply construction workers, nurses etc to middle eastern countries and some extent to Europe. Usually, foreign employers have limited opportunities to evaluate the skill set of prospective hires. Such a video platform showcasing various facets of the skill set of the candidates may be quite helpful in this regard. We are already piloting our prototype portal to address this issues

The network building and new learning possibilities may have spillover outcomes in terms of opening up the market for tools and technologies. The target segment, siloed in their local economy, is hardly aware of the tools and technologies available in other economies for performing the same task. This initiative may provide a drive to the target groups engaged in occupations like farming, plumbing, nursing, and welding (just to name a few) to reorient their work plan due to new knowledge about the tools and technologies available elsewhere in the world.

Similarly, various niche skill sets that might be valued globally and yet confined in the local economy, might get access to the global market. There are excellent skill sets (for example, handicrafts or organic production) that may get global attention if they get the necessary exposure.